Privacy Policy
Customisbetter BV
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Tel: +477 65 1220

When creating an account on, asks you for some information such as name, e-mail, address, phone number, VAT number, IP address. This data is used purely for internal purposes, for example for invoicing and mutual communication regarding orders.

The data is kept in an online database. This database is exclusively managed by Of course we always handle your data with care, in accordance with the requirements of the law. Your data will absolutely not be passed on to third parties.

The users always have:

Right of inspection/access
Every user and visitor has the right to request access to his information and to view it. He may also view how his data is processed.

Right to rectification
The user always has the right to have certain personal data corrected, supplemented or deleted after inspection.

Right to be forgotten
The user has the right to be completely erased from all systems and databases.

Right to lodge a complaint
The user always has the right to submit a complaint to the Privacy Commission if he or she believes that the personal data is being collected and processed in an unlawful manner.

Right to withdraw consent
Any user or visitor whose personal data is collected has the right to object to the processing of that data.

Right to restriction of processing
The data subject has the right to (temporarily) restrict the processing of their personal data.

Right to portability
The data subject has the right to transfer his personal data to another responsible person.

Right to object to decisions based on automated processing
The user has the right to have automatic profiling disabled.

Our website uses cookies to provide you with a better user experience when you visit our website.

What is a cookie?
A cookie is a small text and number file that we store in your browser or on the hard drive of your computer. In this way we can remember your preferences when using our website.

Types of cookies:
At Customisbetter .com we use First party and Functional cookies, these are direct cookies that are created by a website to make our website function better. They control the technical part of our website such as remembering the language choice or the products in the shopping cart.

If you have any further questions about this, please contact us via or via +32 477 65 1220.